Launched July 25, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WV requires families who wish to homeschool to file for each such child with the school district for the county in which you reside. More information may become available here, but can be found online or obtained from your county office.

One such resource regarding WV homeschooling laws is Christian Home Educators of West Virginia. Their annotated law is particularly user-friendly.

That said, there isn't really a need to become an expert in such matters. Below, I outline expectations as put forth in Preston County. Other counties are going to be similar, but I strongly recommend contacting your county school board office for a smooth transition.

Homeschool Requirements in Preston County

A Notice of Intent to Homeschool (NOI) must be filed by each parent/guardian (can be for multiple children) before school starts, though Preston County Schools appreciates it be done as early as possible.

Home School Intent Form for 20-21:

An academic assessment must be made available to the County Office by June 30 for any child in grades 3, 5, 8 or 11.

For those considering homeschooling, the required Home School Intent Form for 20-21 must be returned to the county office before school starts, but Preston County Schools would much appreciate getting it as soon as possible. This form must be filled by a parent/guardian for each child who will homeschool, though multiple children in a family can be listed on one form. The parent or guardian signing the form must also show proof of at least a high school education.

An academic assessment must be made available to the County Office by June 30 for any child in grades 3, 5, 8 or 11. Methods of assessment include taking the school's standardized test, taking another standardized test, approved private evaluation, and review of a portfolio of the child's work by a licensed WV teacher. If a child returns to the county school system before the end of the year, then no end of year assessment is required.

Following West Virginia Board of Education Content Standards

It is not required to adhere to West Virginia Board of Education Content Standards, as long as there is an annual academic assessment of the child in one of the 4 approved ways. However, this web site assumes homeschooling is to be temporary and therefore that it is in the student’s best interest to follow WV’s core standards.

Grade 5


Here are templates for WV core standards specific to grade 5, for all 4 core subjects. They are 2-column tables with content standards listed in the left column. The right column is where you can develop your implementations of these standards.

I have used this format to develop curriculum implementations for our North Central WV Grade 5 Homeschool Group. Although our curriculum is still being developed, you may wish to look at it as an example implementation.